Cecily Alexander
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Cecily Alexander


Child of Salvation
Cecilia Marker








Order of the Saint (Formerly)


Executioner of the Antichrist (Formerly)

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Kenta Alexander
Rose Alexander


John Wesker
David Cross
Order of the Saint

Cecily Alexander (also known as Cecilia Marker) is the adopted sister of Kenta Alexander and one of the key characters in the story. Cecily was born into the distinguished Marker family as the harbinger of the Holy Spirit within her soul, and was known to the Order of the Saint as the "Child of Salvation"; who's purpose is to kill the antichrist and save the world from damnation. However, after knowing Kenta's true nature and forced to kill him and those close, Cecily abandoned her original mission from her parents and killed them. Which resulted in her eventual amnesia, before being saved by Legato Canaan from her home.


Cecily appears as a cute and ordinary girl for most parts. She has long, blonde hair. Has gold-colored eyes. Has light skin. And mostly wears her training get-up with a red muffler: an accessary given to her by Kenta.


Cecily is mostly an upbeat, cheerful, energetic and playful, and is also shown to be very compassionate and sweet. She has a very keen sense of curiousity, and she wonders how good a place is, or on how well-cooked Kenta makes for supper. Cecily also has a strong sense of selflessness, as she is willing to risk her life to save her foster brother in any way she can. Because of her kindness and gentle nature, often gives people nicknames, and even calls Kenta "Kenny" for short. Much like her brother, as well as those who are by his side, Cecily also wants to bring peace to the world by having everyone accept each other, and follows the way of pacifism.

When Cecily was with her parents before being taken in by Kenta and his mother, she was a quiet and obedient girl, and hardly ever made friends with anyone. However, when she met Kenta for the first time (though he didn't who she was, due to the fact that she covered his face with a hood) she began to develop a sense of independence, and became more open than she had ever been. When she was told to kill Kenta and his mother, she was, for the first time, felt frightened and couldn't bring herself to do something monstrous within her heart. Because of Kenta's kind influence, she disobeyed her parents and killed them out of saddened despair. She eventually fell under amnesia, but her emotions and feelings remained nontheless.



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  • (to Kenta about his pain) "Kenny! Please stop. I don't want to see you hurt yourself! You don't want to feed on others' blood, but torturing yourself is too painful to watch."
  • (to Kenta) "If you want to satisfy your hunger, then... Please, feed on my blood!"
  • (to Kenta) "Because you're my brother, and I can't bear to see you suffer. Please..."



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