An example of a Devil class Demon

A Devil is an advanced class of demons, and are more human-like in appearance, and far more powerful and stronger than common demons.

List of TypesEdit

There are numerous types of Devils that are either elemental or creature related. Each Devil has a certain attribute that differs them from all else. Each one goes on a different classification by power and type. It goes by the following:

  • Devil Dragon: A Devil Dragon is a creature-type Devil that can take on the form of a dragon at will, while also be able to revert back into a humanoid state. The Venrinarde Clan, which Trace comes from, are a clan of Devil Dragons and are renowned to be ones of the strongest and most powerful of all Devilkind.
  • Frost Devil: A Frost Devil is an elemental-type Devil that has the power to generate, manipulate and utilize the power of ice. Ian Glacio, a fellow Frost Devil, is a Frost Devil and had mastered the usage of ice.
  • Blaze Devil:
  • Storm Devil:
  • Hybrid Devil: