The Apostles

The Apostles

The Apostles are a group of eleven individuals that followed Christ during the days of his works, and are a major antagonistic group in the story.

Hsitory of OriginEdit

The Original Apostles

The original Apostles

The origin of the Apostles started when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, and was in a barren desert for many days. After rejecting the Satan spectre's temptations, Jesus eventually bet Andrew and Simon (whose's name he changed to Peter).

List of ApostlesEdit

  1. Apostle Peter: 1st Apostle
  2. Apostle Andrew: 2nd Apostle
  3. Apostle James: 3rd Apostle
  4. Apostle John: 4th Apostle
  5. Apostle Philip 5th Apostle
  6. Apostle Bartholomew 6th Apostle
  7. Apostle Matthew 7th Apostle
  8. Apostle Thaddaeus 8th Apostle
  9. Apostle Thomas 9th Apostle
  10. Apostle James Alphaeus 10th Apostle
  11. Apostle Simon the Zealot: 11th Apostle
  12. Judas Iscariot: Former 12th Apostle