Blood of Darkness is a story about a young man who was born different from humans, in the form of an anthro wolf and also the carrier of Noswer the Antichrist within his very soul. Kenta Alexander, the hero and protagonist of Blood of Darkness, must fight against demons and humans alike, as both seek to kill him out of fear or hate. However, Kenta wishes to make the world a better and peaceful paradise for everyone, thus he even seeks to bring demons and devils on the right path, thus resulting in the creation of the Alexander Bund. The humans that hunt him are mainly the Order of the Saint members, but they don't know his existence until he publicly saves thousands of innocent civilians from a demon attack.

I'm barely getting the story made, as I have to write down the books and then publish them when they are done properly. Still, I've done enough research from other religions to know what I will write down and draw. And I have a different point of view that Christians would think as either unique or otherwise. My meaning for making this story is to show that even demons and devils and be just as good as humans and angels; while angels and humans can be just as, or far more evil than those of demonkind and darkness.

On a similar note, I also want to know more about the reasons why Lucifer rebelled against God, aide from the stories that pride overtook him and caused his fall. That's why I made a background story that depicts how it may have happened from an entirely different viewpoint.

Coinciding with Lucifer, I'm also very curious about Lilith's existence and if she was indeed the fabled woman that was created simultaneously with Adam. Many describe her to be a vampiric entity that refused to submit to Adam and left him. So without further adue, I made her background of how her creation went and how this would tie all of history together and her major role in the story's progress.

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